Get To Know Wednesdays: DaQuan

Welcome to my first installment of Get To Know Wednesdays! Each Wednesday I will showcase an artist making incredible art, music or writing.

Our first artist is the multi-talented, extremely creative musician, DaQuan. I first met him through mutual friends at Jang House in Philadelphia at The Barbary, which was Spank Rock and Plastic Little’s weekly party on Monday nights. He told me about his rap group Sgt Sass, and when I finally got to catch them live I was floored: I’ve never seen such energy in a live performance in a long time. Since then we’ve been making music, hanging out and now are currently working on an album together called “The W.A.R.” Let’s hear more from the man himself…

Please introduce yourself!

My Full Name is DaQuan Jamar Motley….I am from all over…and I currently reside in the Nations Capitol. I am 1 half of a Philadelphia based rap Duo called Sgt. Sass.

What was the first song you ever made about?

The first song I wrote was untitled, and was a woodwind ensemble piece I wrote when I was 10 in band camp….lol….the first lyrical song I wrote was in the 12th grade…. I wrote my graduation class a song called (My Friends) in retrospect it was really really cheesy…but at the time it meant a lot!

What was your first show?

My first show was a talent show in the 8th grade….. I sang “Love No Limit” by Mary J Blige, and “A Whole New World.”

What was your best show?

Whenever the last show was ….. I feel I get better with every performance…so if you come to see me….that will be the best show to date!

What are you currently working on now, and what can people expect from it?

I am working on a bunch of new things. Sgt. Sass should be wrapping up our first full length album titled “Black Nail Polish” early next year. I just started to to work on a concept project with Amanda Damron of GANG, and I am really excited to be collabing with her. I am always working on new sounds and innovative music that people would not expect from me. I am most excited about my first solo album titled DaQuan Presents : The W.A.R. (Warrior Art Rebel). People should expect some of the most creative lyrics….innovative beats…..and a stage show that will hopefully be an experience. I believe this is my best lyrical / vocal performance thus far, and I am extremely excited to share it with the universe.

Where can people find your released work?

You can find my solo work at:

You can find Sgt. Sass Music/ Info at:

We are currently working on a website!

And you can hear my very early solo work at:

Anything else you’d like to add? Any shout outs?

I’d like to give a shout out to the City Of Philadelphia….and The District of Columbia…..Deshawn, Amanda Damron, Alex RX (The Architect), Benni E, Chris MC D!… The DJ’s of Strawberry Mansion …..Teamwerk DJ’s…Chang Chang, Plastic Littley….My Sis. (Kluv)…all my followers on Twitter…Everyone that supports my music, and the movement. And to those that said I couldn’t do it….you were wrong…and thank you for ya indirect support…my haters make me greater!

Sorry to anyone I missed… I love ya all. “Destroy your radio today!”


You can check out the first song off “The W.A.R.” and download it for FREE from the soundcloud link below. Expect the unexpected from DaQuan in 2011 and beyond!

Part I: New Sound by TheDaquan


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