Get To Know Wednesdays: Amanda Damron

Well well well! It’s the last “Get To Know Wednesday” of 2010! And who better to ring out the end of the year than the wonderful Ms. Amanda Damron!

I first met Amanda doing a show together at North Star Bar in Philly under my live performance alias, Pfunkt. This was the first time I saw GANG, her amazing rock outfit, and I’ve been a fan and a friend ever since. She’s a songwriter, singer, performer, actress – you name it. Let’s hear from the talented femme fatale herself!

Please introduce yourself (your name, where you’re from, and the groups and labels you’re associated with…)

I’m Amanda Damron, originally from Philly suburbs (Upper Darby then later Norristown), lived in NYC for a few years, ultimately to return back to Philly. Now a proud South Philly resident. I’m an actress and singer of the band GANG. I have alot of nicknames- Glamron, Lady Damron, Lady D, Lady Bling Bling, Gina….

What was your first show?
My first show ever was a dance recital around age 5. It was to the song B-52s song “Love Shack” !!! Which is wild, b/c GANG recently played a show with The B-52s ! who knew. Since my dance recital at age 5 (LOL), I’ve been onstage in plays, musicals, and cabarets in Philly and New York City. Also have played shows with GANG throughout the East Coast.

What was your best show?
The best show had to be sharing the stage with The B-52s in Philly at the Electric Factory. That was a dream come fucking true. Also playing with Peaches was pretty amazing, and we played an INSANE show in Brooklyn with The Dead Milkmen that I will remember forever.

When you’re making music, what has inspired you recently, and what has always inspired you?
I am inspired by the people around me- most of my friends are insanely talented performing artists and musicians. I’m just trying to keep up! ha. Also I get inspired by tv shows…..Dexter inspired me to write a series of songs that I’ve named “murderpop”- they’re all half finished but generally they are aggro pop songs. I’m inspired by sequins, glitter, metal, spikes, pop music, rap, dance punk, new shit, philly shit, and not gonna lie, vodka inspires me too.

What are you currently working on now, and what can people expect from it?
Currently GANG is writing and recording new material, working on upcoming tour. We’re broke, so touring to us means we do a different city on different weekends. You know. Unless something awesome
happens. I’m also working with the craziest + best writer I know, Daquan Motley (from Sgt. Sass) on a project that was thought up by Andy “Skinny” Friedman. He wanted to do an EP with me but when I heard the beats that Andy made, I knew Daquan had to be a part of this too. So Daquan and I are writing the vocals, getting that thing done. I contributed vocals to the upcoming Black Landlord album too, so that will be out in the world in the near future.

Where can people see you perform next?
People can see me next with GANG – on February 12th we are playing at one of my favorite places- Danger Danger Gallery in West Philly, for their annual “Aquarius Raging” celebration. Also we have a show in Brooklyn with Great Tiger in Feb. but I can’t seem to find the info for that. You’ll have to check our website for the info- or

Also if people want to join our email list- email and just tell us if you’d like to be added to the Philly or NYC list. Another also- GANG shirts are now available for sale online! check the band website for that.

Anything else you’d like to add? Any shout outs?
SHOUT OUT to all the awesome Philly musicians who inspire me every day- Daquan Motley, Jason Ferarro, Jackie Gimbel, Kurt Hunte, Jason Musson, Deshawn, Berill Guceri, Naeem, Amanda Blank, all the Man Man dudes, Rodney and the Dead Milkmen crew, Chang Chang, everyone in Philly doing their thing. Loves it.


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