Get To Know Wednesdays: Nick Hook

Welcome to 2011 peoples! We’re one year away from 2012, so let’s get it in this year.

This is the first Get To Know Wednesday of 2011! And who better to have it than overall awesomest dude … Nick Hook! I first met Nick after hearing one of his mixes and bringing him out to Pittsburgh for my then monthly electro party Murdercola. Admittedly the show was weird–I forgot to bring a fan to the venue, so the show was a summer death sweat box–but Nick got everyone dancing out of control and the night ended up being one of my favorite Pittsburgh parties. Since then I’ve been keeping up with his constant creativity and coolness. Here’s the man himself…

Please introduce yourself!
hi. im nick hook. im originally from stlouis, but ive spent the last 7+ years in new york city. Cubic Zirconia is my band. Our last release was a white label 12″ on nightslugs, lucky me, our own label don’t cry. you may see me playing with el-p, yak ballz, or drop the lime. I also do sake bombs and collect analog gear.

What was your first show?
My first show was warrant at 6 flags when i was in 3rd grade. I went randomly and they happened to be playing. It was the best day of my life because i had never seen a concert and i loved warrant at the time.

What was your best show?
hmmmmm. they all blur together at this point… some that immediately come to mind.. foo fighters first tour with mike watt (first small club show i ever saw) radiohead in a 500 cap room on ok computer tour, pantera on far beyond driven, 2 many djs under a tent in scotland, gang of four, barkmarket, caribou, and the st louis rams when they were the greatest show on turf.

Where’s the best place for lunch in NYC?
wonton garden, otafuku, minka, pukk, east village thai, nha toi, khai sarn are places that i rate extremely high on the lunch totem pole.

When you’re making music, what has inspired you recently, and what has always inspired you?
in 2010 my biggest inspirations have been moving into my new studio, riding my bike 4 miles every day to the studio and my new cat tarzan. They are all things that have really changed my workflow. I’ve always been by my friends, my bandmates and spending time experimenting with my equipment/plug ins/ reocrding techniques.

When was your best karaoke performance?
it’s been a minute but i went to karaaoke with a crew of indian cats after the sake bar once and i kinda merked it.

What are you currently working on now, and what can people expect from it?
At the most current moment, we are wrapping up a single for a song called night and day featuring bilal that is on our LP. We did the record version and a banging club mix. There are 2 other songs that will be on the record that i don’t quite wanna talk about yet so i don’t jinx them. I can say that it will be amazing. IT’s going to drop sometime in feb/march on lucky me.

I am also assisting l-vis 1990 with his LP that will drop later this year. We have been working on it for a little bit and its been alot of fun. ALL HARDWARE-

Our LP will drop soon. 13 songs, its my favorite thing ive ever done-

Where can people see you perform next?
UK- Jan 22 @ KOKO for gilles peterson’s worldwide awards. VERY stoked for this. alongside mount kimbie, james blake, four tet and a bunch of other people.

Anything else you’d like to add? Any shout outs?
stay in touch.. @nickhook all the general bullshit… i wanna see new things, hear new sounds.. try new food. holler at me.

shout out to cardboard city, el p, egyptrixx, whole nightslugs crew, whole lucky me crew, don’t cry squad, dirty south joe, nadus, brodinski, my band, my cat, my family, the sake bar, michna, and of course mr RX.


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