Let’s party like it’s 2011

Hello everyone! How was your first week of 2011? Do you feel any different? Mine was great: I performed as Pfunkt, my other music project along side musical madmen/fellow homies French Horn Rebellion at Tammany Hall, then got “dragged” to a karaoke spot where I sang “Cake – Never There” (my staple karaoke song if they don’t have “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”) while a girl I just met killed it on the mic by singing Lauryn Hill’s “X-Factor”…an impressive surprise.

I thought I’d fill everyone in with what’s in store for me in 2011 so far. I recently wrapped up a mix last night for the Bassfaced blog, which will hopefully be dropping in a few weeks (I haven’t even sent it to them yet, better do that part first haha). I also wrapped up a remix for one of my new favorite band’s from New York, Hooray For Earth. The world will get to hear it before its official release in February. How will you hear it? Oh, it’s going to be a pleasant surprise, let’s just say that.

I wrapped up my first full length Rx album late last year. It’s a personal album which I’m extremely excited about. How I plan to release it is to be determined, but you will be hearing it this year at some point, and you will be able to purchase a physical copy of it, that’s for sure. Its first single “Shower Scene” I’ll be releasing sometime mid Feb/early March, along with its music video which is currently in development.

Finally, the best news of the last few months for me has been recording the final songs for an album I produced for DaQuan. It’s going to be called “The W.A.R.: Warrior Art Rebel,” and it’s safe to say it’s been the most fun collaboration I’ve ever done. Seeing DaQuan bring his unmatched creativity and energy to my weirdo beats is indescribable…all I can say is I can’t wait for the cosmos to hear this project we put together. I’ll be mixing down the album in February, and once it’s done we’ll decide how we plan on releasing it. Stay tuned.

No new shows yet, but after wrapping up another mix and a remix I’ll be back on the decks by February.

Keep checking back for more updates, more featured artists on Get To Know Wednesdays and…and!…exclusive, free tracks in the coming weeks.

Until then!


Currently listening to:

This song is completely ridiculous haha


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