Get To Know Wednesdays: Neal Dexter

Well ladies and gentlemen, today’s a special Wednesday. It’s the day I was born, and I’ll be celebrating at Nicky Digital’s night at Ella on the Lower East Side.

Also on this magical Wednesday, we got a lil’ get-to-know Wednesday Q&A from one of Philly’s upcoming finest…Neal Dexter!

Please introduce yourself!
My name is Neal, I’m 22 years old, and I grew up in South Jersey. I produce Tropical Future Bass music under the name Krueger. I also DJ with my brother as The Teamwerk Djs.

What was your first show?
Haha, well my first show ever was when I was about 14. I played in my parents livingroom in a Korn coverband. As a DJ my first show was in January 2009 at my friends house party in West Philly.

What was your best show?
My best show? Hmm I really enjoy playing house parties. I think the atmosphere tends to be a little less pretentious and more laid back. That vibe really brings out the best in my DJing. Warehouse parties in Philly are always the best too!

Where’s the best place for lunch in your neighborhood? What should you order?
I’ll be a little shameless… McDonalds Big Mac!

When you’re making music, what has inspired you recently, and what has always inspired you?
I tend to draw my inspiration from many different sources. Recently I have been gaining it from old RnB and House acapellas that I have. Something about smooth female vocal melodies seem to get my blood flowing these days. My Family, friends, and the weather have always been a constant inspiration for me.

When was your best karaoke performance?
Wow, I think I literally have sang karaoke once. It was a couple years ago at my sisters Christmas party in South Philly. I sang Styx – Come Sail Away.

What are you currently working on now, and what can people expect from it?
Right now I am working on mastering a few tracks for my first E.P. It will be 3 tracks, all comprising of a dark global sound with many UK funky and tropical house references. Expect a mix of African vocal samples with flowing synths and deep low frequencies. I’m also working on some bass heavy RnB and Hip Hop influenced tracks with my buddy Brian Goodhart aka Copout.

You DJ with your brother Mike Dexter. What’s it like DJing with your brother? Is there one thing he KNOWS he can annoy you with?
DJing with my brother is really awesome. I remember being about 10 years old and messing with his turntables in the basement of our parents house. He would let me mess with his jungle and drum & bass records. That obviously has influenced where I am today. We know eachother so well that its easy for us to identify our individual sounds as partners to bring the audience a cohesive collection of eclectic tracks. There are multiple things he does to annoy me! DJing in women’s underwear is one.

Where can people see you perform next?
You can see me perform next on Janurary 20th at Fluid Night Club (613 S. 4th St.). We are starting new party called SUBtropic. We are kicking it off right with Trouble & Bass artist Samo Sound Boy. He’s sure to bring some serious Tropical Future Bass to Philly. The rest of the lineup includes Subdivision’s Lady Prowl, Copout, and of course Teamwerk. Philly should really come and show some love! We starting something really special with this party and it will be a really great time! For those who cant make it, you can always get down with Teamwerk’s monthly Hotcast available at

Anything else you’d like to add? Any shout outs?
Look for big things from Teamwerk in 2011! Big ups to the whole Teamwerk family… Fazer, Chang Chang, Copout, Lady Prowl, Battle Axe Baby, Phonographiq, Kid Queasy, Dev 79, Siyoung, Flufftronix, RX, LOL boys, Brenmar, DJ Deckard, Pawn Lasers, Ultraviolet Bee, Ladrones Ladrones Photography, and you!


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