Get To Know Wednesdays: Benni E

Wednesday? Againnnnn?? Aww who are you kidding? You know you love Wednesdays…they’re the best on this blog when it comes to hearing about new, awesome artists.

Speaking of the people we love…let’s get to know one of the coolest and creative ladies I know, Bennie E!

Please introduce yourself!
I am Benni E. I’m born and raised in Philly, on the playground is where I spent most of my days… I am an MC….and etc, I love food, electronics, traveling on double decker busses and country club shoes.

What was your first show?
My very first was at an event called “Poems Not Prisons” @ The A space in West Philly in 2008 to support political prisoners. Talk about nerves…

What was your best show?
Has to be CherryBomb Pride Toronto. 1200 people jumping and partying as hard as I was that night. Incredible. Music thumping, hands up, man me, the crowd and those djs got it in!

Where’s your favorite spot in the world for lunch?
I’d have to say right now its a toss up between Le Pick Up in Montreal for their amazing vegetarian/vegan Pulled Pork Sandwich and PYT in Philly for their out of this world burgers. Thanks for this question, now I’m hungry and I could go on and on about where to eat.

When you’re making music, what has inspired you recently, and what has always inspired you?
This one is kinda difficult because I’m like a sponge and can end up down the rabbit holes of ideas. I soak up inspiration from all over the place.
Recently I’ve been inspired by the people in my life and political/social struggles from the point of view of people I meet. They are amazing and have beautiful stories to share. My own personal growth is a source as well…I’ve had some difficult, soul searching, “do or i don’t i catch a case over this” times and coming out of them better than before strengthens me and keeps me going. This is going right into my music. I’m always inspired by the simple things in life….someone’s childhood photos, a funny story, laughter, occasionally good whiskey, and of course all kinds of music.

When was your best karaoke performance?
The first and only time I did it. I’m such a scaredy cat…But I felt safe in that room that night. Kinda ridiculous I haven’t done it more.

You’re one of the best dressed people I know – how would you describe your fashion sense?
Well first off, thank you hun. I think when we met it was a lot more gender fuckery. Now I’d say it’s Old Man vs. Geek… who is wondering if after work there will be happy hour…fashion with a twist of queer identity. I’m definitely not rocking skirts these days. But I love me a good pair of penny loafers.

What are you currently working on now, and what can people expect from it?
I’m working on a hella sweet project that I want to scream/tell the whole world about, but of course after the start and stopping of last year’s project, I’m super nervous about jinxing it. But I can say that I’ve tapped into other sides of myself, I personally created several of the beats, interesting unsuspecting collabs, I’m completely into hip hop fusion with other genres and there’s some singing happening. This project is about my life…ok I’m done. Didn’t give you lots did I? Guess you gotta stayed tuned…

Where can people see you perform next?
As of now I’m in the lab. Last show was December 31st in Toronto. I will post dates on the scl ntwrkng sites. There’s a lot of work to be completed and I want to step on stage/into the party in 2011 with lots of new material…especially if there is birds falling out the sky and fish washing up on the shore. End of the world maybe? So I’m thinking do everything the way I want this year the way I want…But if you follow me on Twitter (BenniEmilia) you’ll get all the details leading up to the drop of the new material and I’ll definitely post info after the project is finished.

Anything else you’d like to add? Any shout outs?
Check out my myspace (you can still go on that site, cut it out.) at, you can catch me on facebook @
Shout out to Philly, all the special folks and love in my life, Denise Benson, and Cozmic Cat. And a shout out to you Alex, stay handsome. Thanks and peace.


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