Get To Know Wednesdays: Justin Gibbon

Hey everyone! Get To Know Wednesdays is back. I know I missed a week, but after fixing up my new apartment and wanting to destroy Ikea furniture with the closest blunt object I could find, I decided it was better to return to it under less stressed circumstances.

So here we are! Joining us this week is the founder of Inciting–Philly’s best afterhours crew–Justin Gibbon, aka Pandemix.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Justin Gibbon. I live in Philadelphia. I’m originally from Northeast PA. I DJ and produce/perform live under the name Pandemix. I founded inciting in 2006 and opened SINErgy Project Space + Gallery in April of 2010.

What was the first Inciting show like?

The first inciting show was at LAVA in West Philly in August 2006. The headliner was Eats Tapes from San Francisco. I had already set up a techno monthly that was going to be kicking off upstairs at the Khyber in September, called “Trite.” That was supposed to be the launch of inciting, but I was online one day and noticed that Eats Tapes had a suddenly open tour date they were looking to fill after a show in Boston. I jumped on it, booked LAVA, and booked Nik for sound [who’s done sound at 95% of my events since]. Jason Carr, Infratester [aka Knife_Jams] and I all played as well. The night turned out great and I instantly wanted to try more events. Eats Tapes came back a year later and played the inciting 1-year anniversary at inciting hq, which had opened 6 months after that first show. I still keep in touch with them. In fact, Greg from Eats Tapes did an a/v performance at SINErgy last May, as Reticular Activating System. [Rx side note: a gig I played at, and Greg later directed the video for my song ‘Bronson‘!]

What was your best show?

I was just talking with someone about this…how there are so many nights we walk away saying “That was one of the best events we’ve ever had.” It’s hard to keep track of them all, but the best events of the last year were the Derek Plaslaiko night at hq where he played for 13 hours!! And, more recently, the Donato Dozzy event at SINErgy, which was one of those parties where everything seems to be universally aligned from the start, and people are fully engaged. Both of those guys bring that with them though, a way of connecting with people as DJs, both through their track selection/mixing and their buoyant presence.

What inspires you when you perform as Pandemix?

When I’m DJing I get deep into how things sound, that night, on the system, in the room, in relationship to the people…not just what the tracks are. Lately I’ve been pushing further away from straight techno and further into poly-rhythmic territory. Outside of electronic music I’ve been listening to more and more South American and African music and, as a drummer, I’ve been inspired to find ways to mix some of that music in with electronic dance music. Getting it right is a fun challenge because a song recorded in Cuba or Nigeria four decades ago isn’t set to a click track. I have to keep re-working the rhythm in subtle ways. I really like what Shackleton and Demdike Stare are producing, so that sound is weaving its way in as well.

As a live performer I’m inspired by the act of live improvisational sampling and the physical presence of sound in the form of radio waves. I get bored with computers, so my live set incorporates live electronic drumming and a significant element of chance.

Have any cooking specialities? Any signature dishes?

I like to grill. I’ve got a big grill we call the Buick. I’ll make you grilled fish tacos and fresh mojitos in the summer.

Haha I’m going to have to hold you to that. What are you currently working on now, and what can people expect from it?

I’ve been working on a track for a friend’s new label. It’s taking me shamefully long to complete it to my liking, but it’s a mental 110bpm techno track inspired by Jeff Mills and the Sahko Records sound. Once that’s finished I’m going to start cutting up live drum tracks that I recorded a few months ago, mold them into something non genre-specific and release something digitally.

Any advice on how to stay up late until the end of the party?

Of course!
Rest well the night before and/or the day of.
Take vitamins/Emergency and have a good meal.
Drink lots of water!!
Pace yourself.
Don’t take on more than you know you can handle.

Where can people see you perform next?

I’m DJing on February 19th at Sean Thomas’ Drumsong monthly, at Kung Fu Necktie. We’ve also got Terrence Dixon at SINErgy that night, who I highly recommend checking out…he’s a serious Detroit innovator.

I’m also working on a live set for March 4th at the Painted Bride. Josh Smith [aka Le Josh] has an artist’s reception that night, and I’m playing live + DJing from 6-8. Josh’s show is great!

Anything else you’d like to add? Any shout outs?

We’ve got a label under inciting called Great Circles. The 2nd 12″ is coming out in March and we’re having a release party on March 19th. The 12″ is an original track by Tony G with 3 completely different remixes, all by Philly people, and it’s mastered by RJ Valeo [aka Isomer Transition].

Shout outs? Seriously, everyone who comes to our events and who supports what we’re doing! And serious love to ittybitty45, Dan Trevitt, Jason Carr, MAD, Radere, Eric, Paco, McMenace, Tina, Marina and Lorenzo. Inciting couldn’t function at the level it’s at right now without them.


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