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Looking Who’s Floating Now!

Just got added to the I Guess I’m Floating 5 year Anniversary party, Jan 29th with A Place To Bury Strangers, Beach Fossils, Caveman and more! Woo! Let’s get ’em, NY (Yeah I know my name’s not on the bill – FIGHT ME, I just got added. It’s going to be a fun one.)

Let’s party like it’s 2011

Hello everyone! How was your first week of 2011? Do you feel any different? Mine was great: I performed as Pfunkt, my other music project along side musical madmen/fellow homies French Horn Rebellion at Tammany Hall, then got “dragged” to a karaoke spot where I sang “Cake – Never There” (my staple karaoke song if they don’t have “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”) while a girl I just met killed it on the mic by singing Lauryn Hill’s “X-Factor”…an impressive surprise.

I thought I’d fill everyone in with what’s in store for me in 2011 so far. I recently wrapped up a mix last night for the Bassfaced blog, which will hopefully be dropping in a few weeks (I haven’t even sent it to them yet, better do that part first haha). I also wrapped up a remix for one of my new favorite band’s from New York, Hooray For Earth. The world will get to hear it before its official release in February. How will you hear it? Oh, it’s going to be a pleasant surprise, let’s just say that.

I wrapped up my first full length Rx album late last year. It’s a personal album which I’m extremely excited about. How I plan to release it is to be determined, but you will be hearing it this year at some point, and you will be able to purchase a physical copy of it, that’s for sure. Its first single “Shower Scene” I’ll be releasing sometime mid Feb/early March, along with its music video which is currently in development.

Finally, the best news of the last few months for me has been recording the final songs for an album I produced for DaQuan. It’s going to be called “The W.A.R.: Warrior Art Rebel,” and it’s safe to say it’s been the most fun collaboration I’ve ever done. Seeing DaQuan bring his unmatched creativity and energy to my weirdo beats is indescribable…all I can say is I can’t wait for the cosmos to hear this project we put together. I’ll be mixing down the album in February, and once it’s done we’ll decide how we plan on releasing it. Stay tuned.

No new shows yet, but after wrapping up another mix and a remix I’ll be back on the decks by February.

Keep checking back for more updates, more featured artists on Get To Know Wednesdays and…and!…exclusive, free tracks in the coming weeks.

Until then!


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This song is completely ridiculous haha


Happy holidays ya’ll! Everyone on the East Coast of the United States seems to be preparing for the blizzard today by staying inside. My suggestion? Go out and have fun! That’s what I’ll be doing.

I’m currently in the process of making a music video for a song on my upcoming album using footage entirely from iPhone on this snow day. If you have an iPhone, film your day with the built in camera & email it to me – your footage might make the video!

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Herve Leger’s Bandages Get Bustled

Like everyone else, I simply delete all spam in my inbox, be it poorly translated Viagra ads, e-mails labeled “CONFIDENTIAL INVESTMENT PROPOSAL,” or “Free Oxycotton with purchase of trip to Krakow” (unless there’s a discount!!!). Normally these spam e-mails are filtered to my spam folder, but a few weeks back I received a spam e-mail so epic, so incoherent, that it bypassed my spam filter and reached my main inbox. This by far is one of the best spam e-mails I’ve ever read, if not one of the best e-mails I’ve ever received. Here is the exceptional, modern novella “Herve Leger’s Bandages Get Bustled” in its entirety!

Subject: Herve Leger’s Bandages Get Bustled

“NJ dad pleads not guilty in baby’s bridge death News rater, anti-Palin group get govt Gulf work For at the foot of the Mount Sion is a fair castle and a strong that the soldan let make.In the Mount Sion were buried King David and King Solomon, and many other kings, Jews of Jerusalem. And there is the place where the Jews would have cast up the body of our Lady when the apostles bare the body to be buried in the vale of Jehosaphat. And there is the place where Saint Peter wept full tenderly after that he had forsaken our Lord. And a stones cast from that chapel is another chapel, where our Lord was judged, for that time was there Caiaphass house. From that chapel, to go toward the east, at seven score paces, is a deep cave under the rock, that is clept the Galilee of our Lord, where Saint Peter hid him when he had forsaken our Lord. ITEM, between the Mount Sion and the Temple of Solomon is the place where our Lord raised the maiden in her fathers house. Under the Mount Sion, toward the vale of Jehosaphat, is a well that is clept NATATORIUM SILOE. The thirst-driven Lackaday plucked up courage, and strode to a deserted wooden table.He ordered beer. It was brought. He sipped luxuriously. One tells ones thirst to be patient, when one has to think of ones sous. He was half-way through when two girls, young and flushed from dancing together, flung themselves down on the opposite bench–the table between. One of them with a quick gesture took up from the table a forgotten newspaper and began to fan herself and her companion, to the accompaniment of giggling and chatter about the heat. They were very young. They ordered grenadine syrup and eau-de-seltz. Andrew Lackaday stared dismally beyond them, at the dancers. In the happy, perspiring girls in front of him he took no interest, for all their youth and comeliness and obviously frank approachability. He saw nothing but the fury-enflamed face of Coincon and heard nothing but the rasping voice telling him that it was cheaper to pay him his weeks salary than to allow him to appear again. And _f—- moi le camp! It dealt with a very singular fact concerning the manners of one of the hymenoptera, a wasp, a Cerceris, in whose nest Dufour had found small coleoptera of the genus Buprestis, which, under all the appearances of death, retained intact for an incredible time their sumptuous costume, gleaming with gold, copper, and emerald, while the tissues remained perfectly fresh. In a word, the victims of Cerceris, far from being desiccated or putrefied, were found in a state of integrity which was altogether paradoxical. Fabre, his curiosity and interest aroused, wished to observe the facts for himself; and, to his great surprise, he discovered how incomplete and insufficiently verified were the observations of the man who was at that time known as the patriarch of entomologists.”

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Welcome to The Terrordome

Hello everyone! Welcome to the brand new Rx website, courtesy of the wonderful miss Laura Bo. I’ve finally joined the rest of you in the year 2010 (with one month to go) and now have a one-stop-shopping site. Peek around, check out my releases, media and never be afraid to drop a line.

As far as exciting news goes, it doesn’t get better than my Brooklyn Bowl show with…



Tricky! this Friday December 10th!

Check out the event page and buy tickets  here…

Keep checking back for more updates. Since I’m in such a good mood now that I’ve finally upgraded from 3D to 6D glasses having this site, I’ll leave you with the most uplifting thing I’ve seen on the Internet in weeks. See you Friday, New York!